Bleedership in Training (BITs)

NEW to Mile High Summer Camp we are introducing BLEEDERSHIP IN TRAINING (BITs)! Leadership members of age 16/17 may apply to serve as a BIT throughout Mile High Summer Camp. The BIT will participate will be paired with a cabin under the supervision of the Head Cabin Counselors and Bleedership Counselor to help facilitate daily activities.

Job Description
Monitor and help facilitate activities planned in a camp setting for a group (cabin) of 5-12 children aged 7-15 who are affected by a bleeding disorder. BITs are to maintain a healthy relationship with all camp personnel. Individuals are to act in a courteous and friendly manner when leading the group in camp. Maintain a nonabrasive relationship with all other cabin groups.

BITs roles are:

  • To participate under the supervision of the Camp Directors and Head Cabin Counselor in planning
  • Implement activities in the safest manner possible
  • To be a positive young adult role model
  • To actively interact with the children to promote and encourage their personal growth.


Applicants must be 16-17 years old by July 15, 2023. Prior attendance at Mile High Summer Camp or working with children in a recreational or educational setting is desirable. Must have an interest in leadership skills and willingness to learn and understand organizational skills and group dynamics. Must have an ability for an interest in leading a variety of recreational activities including sports, games, creative arts, swimming, and environmental education. Must have an ability to perform under stress and pressure while remaining flexible. Must have a genuine interest in working with people.

Job Overview:

  1. As part of a group, plan and conduct recreational activities for 7–15-year-olds in a camping program.
  2. Always stay with your assigned group unless previous arrangements have been made with a Head Cabin Counselor.
  3. In leading activities, encourage children to take responsibility for themselves (i.e, clean up after themselves).
  4. Follow all NHF CO and program policies, as well as legal guidelines.
  5. Attend staff meetings and all staff training events, including training session that begins on Friday June 9, 2023.
  6. Follow all Easterseals Rocky Mountain Village Policies and Guidelines.
  7. Report all accidents to the Camp Director.
  8. Assist in maintenance of the camp as needed.
  9. Report to all camp events and mealtimes.

Personal Development:

  1. Develop skills in planning and implementing activities with children.
  2. Be prepared to receive feedback and support from anyone at camp.
  3. Maintain a positive and open outlook. Try to work on our problems with the rest of the staff. Be sensitive to other staff members' needs.
  4. Report and discuss all ongoing problems and concerns with a Head Cabin Counselor.
  5. Be a positive role model for children. Reward and encourage their good behavior with attention and affection.

To Apply:

Applications will be collected as apart of the Teen Leadership Weekend registration. Applicants will be asked to write a 1-page essay sharing why you want to be a BIT (Bleedership In Training).

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