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We’re the leading resource for those affected by bleeding disorders. You can count on our organization to ensure your voice is heard. It’s with your help that we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

Supporting the Judith Graham Pool Fellowship

Investing in research that deepens our understanding of inheritable bleeding disorders and fuels new treatment options is important to NHF.

Findings such as these could begin to fill a knowledge gap as current recommendations relevant to the safe use of epidural analgesia during pregnancy in VWD patients are not well defined in the U.S.

This webinar explores the diagnosis and clinical management of patients with rare inherited bleeding and platelet disorders.

First National HTC Patient Satisfaction Survey: The Results Are In

The survey was designed to assess patient demographics, their satisfaction with the HTC’s core multidisciplinary care team, plus affiliated clinicians, services, and care processes.

COVID-19 Vaccines: What to Expect

Watch NHF President and CEO Dr Len Valentino discuss the many unanswered questions regarding a COVID 19 vaccine and what it would mean for the world.

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