To continue to help empower the members of the community Backpacks + Bleeders have partnered with Always Choose Adventures to do just that. ACA is a local non-profit that strive to provide tools, training, confidence, and assistance to create a solid foundation of activity, adventure, and appreciation for the outdoors. Since 2016 the group has been helping individuals with chronic disorders get off the couch and outdoors for FREE or affordable rates for all.

The annual membership fee of $40 will be bypassed for Backpacks + Bleeder members by completing the form below. Community members will have the opportunity to receive an Always Choose Adventures membership by opting into a special mailing list and submitting a photo and/or a written testimony that represents what getting active with a bleeding disorder means to you. With your FREE membership you’ll gain access to gear rental at low or now cost, guided activities like ice climbing and meeting individuals with different chronic diseases.

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