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Education Days

Lets unite as a community and become empowered through education and connection

This is a time for all members of the bleeding disorders community to learn innovative, best practices to manage their bleeding disorders. Sessions include bleeding disorders basics, medical advancements, state/federal updates, and addressing your physical, emotional, and mental needs. 

This free conference provides:

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Social Networking Opportunities 
  • Day Care
  • Teen Track
  • Spanish Track
  • Industry Q and A's  
  • Education for Caregivers/Partners      

This is our largest event of the year! Please join us to celebrate our community and learn from each others' experiences 

Below are some of the sessions that will be offered this year:

  1. Mental Health Series
  2. Remembrance Ceremony
  3. Mother's Panel
  4. Medical Advancements/Updates
  5. Father's Panel
  6. Young Adult Panel
  7. HTC "Ask The Experts" 
  8. Advocacy Panel
  9. Sex and Intimacy with a Bleeding Disorder
  10. Medical Marijuana Education with Q and A 
  11. Non Pharmaceutical Pain Management 
  12. Chapter Updates and Awards
  13. VWD and Effective Advocating 
  14. Reception Options for:
    1. Spanish Community 
    2. Western Slope
    3. Colorado Springs
    4. VWD
    5. Newly Diagnosed
    6. ​​​​​​​Becoming Involved in NHF Colorado