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In 2019 the chapter proudly introduced the Bleedership Institute--a leadership development program available for community members interested in developing their team building and supervision skills in a camp setting. This year we are excited to expand apond the Bleedership Institute and expand the involvement to more than camp. 

Bleedership Counselors will be seen as Mile High Summer Camp staff, and be held to the same standards as NHF Colorado, HTC, and Easter Seals team members. 

The Bleedership Institute is perfect for individuals interested in pursing non profit, work with children, or recommendation for internships/college programs. 

Please see additional information and pre-application below. 


  • At least 19 years of age
  • Ability to independently take care of campers as a co-counselor
  • Ability to observe camper behavior, assess appropriateness, enforce safety regulations/emergency procedures, apply behavior-management techniques

  • Ability to physically and mentally take care of 6 to 8 campers 24 hours a day
  • Accept supervision and guidance

  • Creatively plan and facilitate assigned activities

Reports To: NHF Colorado Camp Director

Job Responsibilities:

  • Be a co-counselor in the cabin
  • Serve as a leader, supervisor and role model
  • Fully participate in staff trainings, staff meetings, and other duties deemed necessary by the Camp Director
  • Help campers have a safe, empowering experience
  • Create and sustain a positive, nurturing, respectful culture for campers and staff
  • Efficiently seek assistance when confronted by a difficult camper, volunteer, or staff scenario
  • Plan, execute, and evaluate activities that will enhance the self esteem and success of each camper
  • Develop and enhance positive interactions between campers and staff
  • Develop goals and expectations with campers, and empower campers to problem solve to achieve these goals
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of Mile High Camp and Rocky Mountain Village
  •  Instruct campers in emergency procedures (fire, severe weather drills)
  • Address behaviors that may affect the camper experience
    • Homesickness
    • Bullying
    • Perverse behavior
    • Fighting   
  • Provide supervision and assistance in campers’ daily routine 
    • Programming

    • Mealtime
    • Dietary needs

    • Cabin clean- up

    • Hygiene

    • Event attendance
    • Rest hour

    • Compliance of scheduled medications

    • Bedtime
    • Daily cabin goals

Supervision of Campers:

  • Cabin counselors must accompany campers to all activities, evening programs, infirmary, and bathroom. We stress supervision and accountability of campers at all times. It is the counselor’s duty to guide their campers through routines (meals, scheduled events) and non-routine aspects of camp (homesickness, troubled relationships). Cabin counselors bunk in the cabins with their campers. Cabin counselors also eat all meals with their campers, with each camper served first.
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