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We are excited to introduce a new way for our local community to use their voices to advocate for themselves and for our cause. This new tool will provide community members with the ability to connect with and advocate to their local legislators with the click of a button.

This tool will allow you to reach out to your legislator using a template that will already be populated with a call-to-action message as well as your legislator's information. All you will need to do is write your name and hit send!

If you would like, you will have the ability to edit and personalize the message in your email, but it will not be required to make a difference!

Share your story! 

There are hundreds of scenarios that we know can have a negative impact on the Bleeding Disorder Community and we want to hear your story! If you're interested in sharing your story and advocating on behalf of the community, please complete the form below. 

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Relationship to Bleeding Disorder
Have you or a family member experienced pressure from your employer to find another source of health insurance or faced threats of or actual job loss?
Have you or a family member experienced difficulty finding a medical/dental provider in your area who was willing to provide care?
Have you or a family member experienced any of the following issues with your medications:
Have you or a family member had any of the following:

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